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Having your warehouse floors professionally swept has multiple benefits besides the obvious cleaning.  Clean swept warehouse floors provide a safe working environment for employees.  Regular sweeping will reduce the chance of on the job slips, trips and falls.   All employees want to work in a clean safe environment.  A clean work place improves the work flow of the daily operations which results in improved employee productivity and moral.  Clean swept floors provide better hygiene conditions and foster a healthy work environment.

Today’s power sweepers are equipped with a vacuum and cartridge filter to trap and minimize dust emissions.  Regular warehouse sweeping helps keeps the dust level down, preventing product contamination, and dust from settling on your inventory.

An experienced warehouse sweeping contractor can help companies keep their warehouse and plant floor swept clean.  They use electric powered industrial sweepers that can handle over 20,000 square feet per hour.  A laborer with a broom are no match for the quantity and quality results a professional floor sweeping contractor delivers.

Periodic floor sweepings can be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly or on an as needed basis.  Sweepings should be scheduled at your convenience so it does no impede your daily work flow.  So look for a sweeping  contractor that can work around your daily  schedule.

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