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Are you tired of full trash cans?

Tips for reducing paper use

  • Try to use both sides of a sheet of paper for printing, copying, writing and drawing.
    Reuse paper that’s already printed on one side by manually feeding it into copiers and printers. Use it for internal documents like drafts and short-lived items such as meeting agendas or temporary signs
    Once-used paper can also be reused in plain paper fax machines โ€” they only need one clean side.
    E-mail can be used to share documents and ideas. Be sure to only print the e-mails you need to have a hard copy of. This advice goes for Internet documents as well. Instead of printing a Web page, bookmark it or save the page on your hard drive and pull it up when needed.
    Desktop fax, electronic references (CD-ROM databases), electronic data storage, electronic purchasing and direct deposit are all ways to use electronic media that reduce office paper waste.
    Help minimize misprints by posting a diagram on how to load special paper like letterhead so it will be printed correctly.
    Practice efficient copying โ€” use the size reduction feature offered on many copiers. Two pages of a book or periodical can often be copied onto one standard sheet.
    Use two-way or send-and-return envelopes. Your outgoing envelope gets reused for its return trip
    Use reusable inter- and intra-office envelopes.
    Reuse old paper for notepads. It can be cut to custom sizes and simply bound with a staple.
    Draft documents can be reviewed, edited and shared on-screen.
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