4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Choosing A Cleaning Service

#1: Bad or Not Enough Cleaning Specification

Specifications in many cleaning are very general and simple. Vacuum the carpet, empty the trash, clean the restrooms. With those kind of specifications, the people will tend to just clean how they usually do and not give you a professional cleaning job. Specifications actually need to be specific. You will know when you good good specific specifications when they use what products they use and certain techniques they go by.

#2: Below Par Training and Staff

It is extremely important to learn who the people are that are going to be doing the actual cleaning. Where are they from? How are they chosen and how much training have they gone through? What equipment will they be using? If you ask these questions, you will surely know if that business knows what their talking about.

#3: Bad Quality Control

If you have great cleaning specification being carried out by great people then the next variable is how the cleaning personnel are managed. Good Commercial Cleaning Companies will have a written policy that explains how the cleaning service will be manged. Decisions about how to manage quality issues are made in advance. This makes it very easy for the cleaners to do a good job, because if they do a poor job, they will already know what consequences they will have to face.

#4: Beware of Insurance Loop Hole

You need to make sure that if any of your belongings break or get ruined by the cleaning service, it will get taken care of by the cleaning service. This includes anything! Your carpet gets ruined or a lamp breaks, you must make sure that it is covered. Some companies will try to just bypass this part and make it seem like not important so that if something did happen, they wouldn’t get in trouble for it.

By avoiding these few things, you should have found a top notch company that should do a fantastic job at your workplace.

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