Why should you hire a commercial cleaning company?

There are so many different benefits on hiring a commercial cleaning company and if you decide to do so, your business will not only be looking good, but doing good as well. If you decide to hire a commercial cleaning business company, you will be able to do all of these different things:

  • You will be able to do your own work not having to worry about doing the cleaning yourself.
  • Allowed to focus more time on growing your business.
  • You will feel proud being the owner/manager because your company is now a step ahead of what is use to be.
  • Employees will be able to focus on finishing their work more.
  • The cleanliness of your building will be significantly better. Less people will be getting sick and the building will just look nicer.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company depends on multiple things. But if you do decide to do so, you will receive all the benefits listed above. Making your work and office space clean will make you feel better about yourself and your company and then ultimately increasing every ones work rate.

Finding the Right Cleaning Service for Your Business

Trying to find the right business cleaning service for you can be rather difficult at times, but with a small list of things to keep in mind while deciding, it can be an easy task.

Business Cleaning Services

Business cleaning services offer many different kinds of cleaning options, but you don’t need to worry about all of them, you should just keep a few things in mind.

  • 1st: You want to be sure that the building you work in will look clean and and look professional on the outside after the cleaning is done.
  • 2nd: You want to make sure that any storefronts are maintained in order to be clean and accessible to any customers.
  • 3rd: You want to make sure that all the individual work areas will be clean so that workers can be organized and be able to work

It does take a lot of trust to hire a company. You want to make sure that none of your things get stolen, but most companies have guarantees that anything like that will never happen. Just make sure to have a chat with someone about that and see what they can tell you.
The one things you need to ask is to figure out their prices and what they offer. Some companies might be cheaper then others but don’t have the same amount of training and quality of the cleaning. After doing this, you can figure out which company fits your budget best and has the best options for you. They should have good cleaning at a reasonable price.

4 Mistakes You Need To Avoid While Choosing A Cleaning Service

#1: Bad or Not Enough Cleaning Specification

Specifications in many cleaning are very general and simple. Vacuum the carpet, empty the trash, clean the restrooms. With those kind of specifications, the people will tend to just clean how they usually do and not give you a professional cleaning job. Specifications actually need to be specific. You will know when you good good specific specifications when they use what products they use and certain techniques they go by.

#2: Below Par Training and Staff

It is extremely important to learn who the people are that are going to be doing the actual cleaning. Where are they from? How are they chosen and how much training have they gone through? What equipment will they be using? If you ask these questions, you will surely know if that business knows what their talking about.

#3: Bad Quality Control

If you have great cleaning specification being carried out by great people then the next variable is how the cleaning personnel are managed. Good Commercial Cleaning Companies will have a written policy that explains how the cleaning service will be manged. Decisions about how to manage quality issues are made in advance. This makes it very easy for the cleaners to do a good job, because if they do a poor job, they will already know what consequences they will have to face.

#4: Beware of Insurance Loop Hole

You need to make sure that if any of your belongings break or get ruined by the cleaning service, it will get taken care of by the cleaning service. This includes anything! Your carpet gets ruined or a lamp breaks, you must make sure that it is covered. Some companies will try to just bypass this part and make it seem like not important so that if something did happen, they wouldn’t get in trouble for it.

By avoiding these few things, you should have found a top notch company that should do a fantastic job at your workplace.

Should you hire a commercial cleaning service 2

3. Who is in charge of the equipment? Do you have your own equipment   Knowing this answer will tell you that they are prepared and responsible and ready to take care of your space appropriately.

4. What do you expect of a cleaning crew? What services will they be providing? If their response isn’t what your expecting to hear, well that should make your decision pretty easily. They should something about their techniques and skills that they we bring to your office space and that they will do a very good job as well.

5. Is the fee affordable? Usually, they are very reasonable with prices in the economy these days. If your not satisfied with what they have to say, don’t hire them. But if you go to this question and you have liked everything you have heard so far, you have found a very good and skilled cleaning service.


Should you hire a commercial cleaning service 1

Is your business in need of a commercial cleaning service? Many will answer, no I can handle it myself. If your place of business is a small space this may be true, but do you enjoy spending the time cleaning after working all day? Or coming in on your day off? Do you put off the cleaning a little too late that dirt and grime continue to build up?

The best way to rid yourself of this cleaning problem is to hire trained professionals. This may seem strange or maybe even a little scary at first, letting strangers into your workplace, but the following list of questions may help put your mind at ease.

1. Is the cleaning company bonded and insured? This means that if any of your belongings gets damaged or goes missing, it will be taken care of.

2. Who will be cleaning your facility? You should always do a little bit of research to learn about the company your considering to hire. Or, you could always meet the people before you you let them in your workplace just to be on the safe side.

Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Services 1 – Barrington Office Cleaning

Sometimes products from the supermarket aren’t all what they seem to be. You go and use them only to be disappointed by the job they have done. A commercial cleaning cоmрanу offers plenty of different cleaning products that have been tested and confirmed to work well and get the job done.


When you hire commercial cleaning to your office you can be sure you will get the best benefits. Your clean workplace will really impress clients and boost the productivity by your employees.


Nobody wants to see a messy driveway. For those people who work in an office, it is of very important to keep their environment clean and organized to allow maximum efficiency when it comes to working on daily assignments. Imagine if an organization workplace is unhappy with their office space; the results will probably be poor. To give an example, if an employee were to start working on a project with a completely unorganized and dirty workplace, it will probably take them twice as long to finish that project opposed to having a clean environment.


Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment 2

Continuation from Part 1 of this Post.

3. Aides in Health and Productivity

Having an organized office place is definitely important, but if your office place isn’t clean and sanitary at the same time, what’s the point? Sometimes work areas can be small and jam packed, leading to the spreading of germs, but if you regularly disinfect the more popular areas, you should be able to increase the health of your employees and also increase their productivity!

4. Everything Has its Place. One easy step to have a clean workplace is to make sure your organized. How many times in a day do you hear your employees ask another employee where something is? If you keep your area organized, you should never have the problem of losing any of your items or belongings. By doing this, you also will be able to concentrate more on your workload which leads to you getting more done!


Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment 1

Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment.

Not having a clean workplace can hurt your business, but if you can keep your business looking good, then your business will be doing good!

A clean office is reflective of the business and it’s environment. Think of the last time that you walked into a business, where the floors were a mess and the offices were disorderly. What was your impression of the business itself? You were probably not very confident about their abilities and what they do. There are several benefits to maintaining a good looking office building:

1. Efficiency

A clean office or work space enhances productivity for 4 reasons;

• You are able to think clearer, as jammed packed area creates confusion.

• You experience greater sense of well-being; a clean office area=a clean mind.

• Efficiency boosts morale, both yours and your customers.

• It sets a standard throughout your company. If the boss has a clean office, generally the employees will also have a clean work space.

2. Reflects the Image of Your Company

A clean office demonstrates what your business stands for and its values. When your office space is clean, it reflects that you are organized and able to effectively carry out the tasks requested by your customer. There is an innate trust that is built through the cleanliness of your company building.


Benefits of Keeping your Floors Safe and Clean 2 – Barrington Office Cleaning

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for the floor care of your business establishment has many benefits. It can help improve the overall appearance of your establishment and impress clients as they walk in. Well-maintained floors are also important for keeping the safety of the employees and the clients as they walk around. One of the risks of poorly kept floors is slipping. Slipping on the floor can be very dangerous and sometimes life threatening. A person can get brain damage; break their bones or in general just get hurt, which is not good. You may be slapped with a lawsuit if a client gets injured from slipping on your unsafe floors, and no one wants that to happen.

The expert floor care and maintenance of a commercial cleaning company will also save you a lot of money in the long run. If your floors are properly maintained, they should not need to be replaced for a very long time, resulting in you saving cash!


Barrington Commercial Cleaning – Leather Care 1

Leather can last four or five times longer than fabric and other man-made fibers. Through use, body oils, perspiration, skin acids and other soils can work their way into the leather. Many cleaning products are not appropriate for leather. If you don’t clean with the proper product be prepared for leather finishes to break down leading to promoting dryness and cracking.
Various types of leather require different care processes.
• Aniline “natural, pure, naked or unprotected leather”
• Protected “finished semi-aniline, every day, pigmented and painted leather”
• Nubuck “chaps, distressed, bomber and suede leather”