Barrington Desks are worse than toilets…

At the hight of cold and flu season, many Americans may want to avoid caughing and sneezing co-workers by hide at their desks. But health experts say that could be the very place that makes them sick.
The typical worker’s desk has hundreds of times more bacteria per square inch than an office toilet seat. If that’s not disturbing enough, desks, phones and other private surfaces are also prime habitats for the viruses that cause colds and flu.

Office toilet seats had 49 germs per square inch, he found. But desktops had almost 21,000 germs per square inch. Phones were worse — more than 25,000 germs per square inch.
Desks, phones, computer keyboards and mice are key germ transfer points because people touch them so often.

Is your workplace a bacteria cafeteria? -Today

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Your Barrington Office may be a breeding ground for virus and bacteria.

Have you ever come in to work sick or washed your hands for less than the recommended two minutes?
Well, this is probably true for your colleagues as well.

What is the verdict?
You’re office many not be as clean as you’d like it to be.

Two Simple Tips for Getting the Most from your Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies take pride in providing you a clean and hygienic work environment.  Here are two simple steps that you can follow to get the most from your cleaning company.

Any good cleaning company will have an easy way for you to communicate with them.  We provide a communication book for our clients.  If you have a more pressing concern, call the manager or owner.

Take a few minutes to pick up messy desks, kitchen areas, etc. The cleaning crew will not want infringe on your pace, so the less they have to move or clean around the better the end result.  Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities equals more cleaning for your dollar.

You and your clients deserve a clean work environment.  Start using these tips today for a healthier and cleaner office.

It’s more important…

Keeping your office
clean is not just something you should do but something that you as an employer
are required to do by law.

Under Section 2 of the
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable,
the health, safety and welfare of employees at work.

This includes guaranteeing employees are working in the correct temperatures,
have enough lighting and ventilation and they are working in a clean and neat
In order to meet these requirements you should introduce cleaning practices to
ensure that the building and all equipment within it are kept clean and
correctly maintained and that all floors and traffic routes are kept clear of

Why using Barrington Cleaning Services

1. You Don’t Have To Hire Another Employee.

Hiring another employee means paying wages/salary for yet another staff member, not to mention health insurance, paid vacations and sick days, insurance for unemployment and injuries, and other benefits.

Also there is no need for the purchase of any cleaning equipment or cost of equipment maintenance, or cost of cleaning chemicals needed for the cleaning.

In contrast, when you outsource to a commercial office cleaning company, you pay the contract amount – and that’s it!

2.You Don’t Have to Dedicate Your Valuable Staff Resources to the Task.

The alternative to hiring a new employee is making one or more existing employees responsible for the task. You have two choices in this scenario:

Dedicating one employee to the task and reassign his or her responsibilities, or spreading the task out between multiple employees.

Either way, your employees will have more work and more stress, which can eventually hurt your business via higher rates of absenteeism, poorly done work, and higher turnover rates.

Not to mention cleaning services not being preformed if they are absent!

3. You Can Focus on Running Your Business.

Any successful business knows that outsourcing is a necessary factor in their success.

Don’t waste your valuable time and resources on details such as keeping your workplace clean.

It will severely reduce the amount of time you have to run your business. It will also free up time you could use instead to focus on your business.

How are employees trained, and do they have current background checks?

Commercial cleaners often clean offices during non-working hours.  This requires a lot of trust on the part of business owners and their employees.  It’s important to know that the company you are hiring runs criminal background checks on their employees.  This commitment to providing qualified employees should never be underestimated.   Ask for a detailed explanation of the company’s hiring policy, and don’t be shy to ask for a copy of the employee policy.

Employee Health and Harsh Chemicals – Barrington Commercial Cleaners

Employee Health and Harsh Chemicals

Another employee benefit to hiring a cleaning service is that you will not be exposing your employees to cleaning chemicals or other harsh products.

Many commercial cleaning products need to be used in a certain way and with certain safety equipment or procedures, or skin and eye irritation and other issues can result.

By hiring a cleaning service to handle these needs, you will have healthier, happier employees who are not worried about what chemicals they might have to use to clean the office.

The office will also be cleaner because these jobs will be getting done on time and correctly rather than in a hurry by employees who have other work to do.

What additional services does the cleaning company provide?

Will you need floor care, windows washed, or carpets cleaned.  If so, be sure to get a quote for everything and clear recommendations as to how often these extra services will be performed.

You’ll also want to know if the cleaning company will be contracting those services to a vendor, or if they provide, for example, carpet cleaning as a regular service.

Is there a guarantee? – Barrington Cleaners

A professional cleaning company will always guarantee their work.  No questions asked, no hassle, 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If a company can’t stand behind their work, they’re not worth your time.

What does the commercial cleaning company’s quality control plan include?

The QCP is a concise set of policies and procedures that are implemented to ensure a client’s satisfaction!  The QCP should provide a standard measure of quality assurance.

No one is perfect.  A good QCP should anticipate problems and solve them before they become an issue.   A client should never have to worry or complain about the quality of services.