Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment 1

Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment.

Not having a clean workplace can hurt your business, but if you can keep your business looking good, then your business will be doing good!

A clean office is reflective of the business and it’s environment. Think of the last time that you walked into a business, where the floors were a mess and the offices were disorderly. What was your impression of the business itself? You were probably not very confident about their abilities and what they do. There are several benefits to maintaining a good looking office building:

1. Efficiency

A clean office or work space enhances productivity for 4 reasons;

• You are able to think clearer, as jammed packed area creates confusion.

• You experience greater sense of well-being; a clean office area=a clean mind.

• Efficiency boosts morale, both yours and your customers.

• It sets a standard throughout your company. If the boss has a clean office, generally the employees will also have a clean work space.

2. Reflects the Image of Your Company

A clean office demonstrates what your business stands for and its values. When your office space is clean, it reflects that you are organized and able to effectively carry out the tasks requested by your customer. There is an innate trust that is built through the cleanliness of your company building.


Cleaning walls in your Office

If you do this wrong, dirty water runs down the wall leaving very dirty streaks.

The most important thing to remember when cleaning walls is to begin at the bottom and work up.
If you start at the bottom, any runs are much easier to wipe off a freshly cleaned wall.

Semi gloss and gloss paints can easily be cleaned a flat finish can only be cleaned if it is a light color. Dark colors tend to show marks and will usually look much worse than before being cleaned.

First, washing, dust or vacuum walls to remove loose soil.

Most painted surfaces can be cleaned with a mild solution of warm water and liquid dishwashing detergent and then rinsed with clear water.

Test your chemical in a hidden corner first to make sure that the paint colour and finish are not damaged.

Use a drop cloth when washing walls to avoid soiling your floors.