What should you do before you call a commercial cleaning or carpet company for the first time?

What should you do before you call a commercial cleaning or carpet company for the first time?

  • Know the competition.  Research local cleaning companies online before calling.
  • Write down exactly what you are looking for from a cleaning company.  What are your needs?  What are your problems?  Why are you calling in the first place?
  • Prepare the questions you are going to ask about the company.
    • Are they insured?
    • Are they bonded?
    • Do they do background checks on their employees?
    • Schedule your appointment.  Never take a quote over the phone!

Taking the time to prepare is essential to hiring the right cleaning company.

Employee Productivity

One employee benefit to hiring a
cleaning service to perform office maintenance is that your employees will be
able to focus more on what they are doing for the company, instead of worrying
about cleaning up.

If your employees have more time
throughout the day to do productive work, you will see an increase in profits
and better business practices.

If your employees don’t have time to
clean properly and do their jobs at the same time, they may become upset or
even rush through their cleaning tasks in order to get back to doing their
regular work.

The office won’t be as clean and
your office represents your business to your clients.

What’s your bottom line, and would it be more cost effective to do it yourself, have an employee do it, or hire an in-house cleaner?

Before you start the process of accepting bids, it’s important to know what your bottom line is.

Hiring a professional cleaning company is not cheap.  The old saying goes, “You get what you pay for,” and it rings true in hiring a cleaning service.

Could you clean yourself? This would be the most cost effective way to slash your cleaning budget, but consider that your time is valuable.

Calculate your own hourly worth.  Ask yourself if it’s advantageous to spend your time emptying trash and scrubbing toilets.

Another option is to have your employees clean.  This option can really save you money.  On the other hand, it may be an added burden to their already busy day.  Again you must calculate the costs in wages, productivity and even moral.

And the last possibility is hiring an in-house cleaner.  The hidden cost is in management, HR and taxes.   This means hiring, firing, training, paperwork, inspections, stocking supplies, etc.

Make careful calculations to determine your best option.

Office Cleaning – Our Promise to you…

Having a clean office is definitely more pleasant than a dirty and disorderly one – Barrington Office Cleaning

Having a clean office is definitely more pleasant than a dirty and disorderly one, but there may be more benefits to a clean and orderly office than you first thought:
Helps you focus: having a clean and orderly office means you will be more likely to be able to focus on the task that you are trying to complete. With no dirt or mess around, you won’t find your eyes and mind wandering.
Efficiency: a clean and orderly office is much more efficient. Things are more easily found and better organized.  Work gets done a lot quicker.
Atmosphere: an orderly and clean office creates a pleasant atmosphere. With a clean office, you will have no distractions and stress to take your mind off work.
Hygiene: when you spend so much time in an office, it is important that it is kept hygienic. Spending eight hours a day in a dirty, dusty office is not a pleasant thought and it might also mean that you are exposed to germs too.
Appearance:  Visitors and clients will be impressed with your company if the office is kept clean.