Should Ask

Question #1

Are your crew members W2 employees?  Yes, all my employees are W2 employees and, most importantly, covered under my insurance.

Question #2

What other services do you offer?  Commercial and residential carpet and upholstery cleaning, polish and restoration of marble and granite, floor care, and commercial window cleaning.

Question #3

Do you perform background checks on employees?  Yes, every employee has to submit to a criminal background check, a social security verification, and we also check the national sexual registry list.

Question #4

Do you check your employee’s references before hiring?  Yes, we conduct a thorough employee reference check and complete a very stringent screening process.

Question #5

How do we communicate with your cleaning crews?  We provide a log book that is used to communicate with our crews. You simply leave a note in the book when you want the crew do something specific.

Question #6

How are the employees trained?  All employees go through a thorough training process where they learn proper cleaning techniques and best practices. They are further trained on the job so they understand your specific needs.


Question #7

Do you send the same crew all the time?  We provide the same dedicated crew every time so they know exactly what you require and execute the customized cleaning plan each and every time.

Question #8

How can I get in contact with you in case of an emergency?  I have a cell phone that is on 24/7/365.

Question #9

Do you guarantee your services?  Yes, we even put it in writing.

Question #10

What is Easy Clean?  This is a money-saving program that provides most of the benefits of a 3-day-a-week program at a lower cost.    For example, one day a week we will only address problem areas like bathrooms, garbage and kitchens (customized to your specific needs).  This way you facility looks great all week.

If you have any other questions visit our Contact Us Page!

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