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This fear may be very much alive in a lot of business environments around the world. The main reason this happens is because many business proprietors and their workers are too busy with trying to get their specific job done that they tend to forget to keep their workplace clean. To fix this, these business organizations seek the assistance of a third party service which would allow them to continue with their responsibilities while keeping their office organized and clean.

If your able to keep your company clean and looking good, you can get ahead of your competition immensely just by having your employees happier. If you can keep your employees happy, they will most definitely work better and finish their jobs with greater success. The happier the employees are, the happier the entire business is.


Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment 2

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3. Aides in Health and Productivity

Having an organized office place is definitely important, but if your office place isn’t clean and sanitary at the same time, what’s the point? Sometimes work areas can be small and jam packed, leading to the spreading of germs, but if you regularly disinfect the more popular areas, you should be able to increase the health of your employees and also increase their productivity!

4. Everything Has its Place. One easy step to have a clean workplace is to make sure your organized. How many times in a day do you hear your employees ask another employee where something is? If you keep your area organized, you should never have the problem of losing any of your items or belongings. By doing this, you also will be able to concentrate more on your workload which leads to you getting more done!


Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment 1

Commercial Cleaning Barrington – A Positive Work Environment.

Not having a clean workplace can hurt your business, but if you can keep your business looking good, then your business will be doing good!

A clean office is reflective of the business and it’s environment. Think of the last time that you walked into a business, where the floors were a mess and the offices were disorderly. What was your impression of the business itself? You were probably not very confident about their abilities and what they do. There are several benefits to maintaining a good looking office building:

1. Efficiency

A clean office or work space enhances productivity for 4 reasons;

• You are able to think clearer, as jammed packed area creates confusion.

• You experience greater sense of well-being; a clean office area=a clean mind.

• Efficiency boosts morale, both yours and your customers.

• It sets a standard throughout your company. If the boss has a clean office, generally the employees will also have a clean work space.

2. Reflects the Image of Your Company

A clean office demonstrates what your business stands for and its values. When your office space is clean, it reflects that you are organized and able to effectively carry out the tasks requested by your customer. There is an innate trust that is built through the cleanliness of your company building.


Benefits of Keeping your Floors Safe and Clean 2 – Barrington Office Cleaning

Hiring a commercial cleaning company for the floor care of your business establishment has many benefits. It can help improve the overall appearance of your establishment and impress clients as they walk in. Well-maintained floors are also important for keeping the safety of the employees and the clients as they walk around. One of the risks of poorly kept floors is slipping. Slipping on the floor can be very dangerous and sometimes life threatening. A person can get brain damage; break their bones or in general just get hurt, which is not good. You may be slapped with a lawsuit if a client gets injured from slipping on your unsafe floors, and no one wants that to happen.

The expert floor care and maintenance of a commercial cleaning company will also save you a lot of money in the long run. If your floors are properly maintained, they should not need to be replaced for a very long time, resulting in you saving cash!


Two Simple Tips for Getting the Most from your Cleaning Company

Cleaning companies take pride in providing you a clean and hygienic work environment.  Here are two simple steps that you can follow to get the most from your cleaning company.

Any good cleaning company will have an easy way for you to communicate with them.  We provide a communication book for our clients.  If you have a more pressing concern, call the manager or owner.

Take a few minutes to pick up messy desks, kitchen areas, etc. The cleaning crew will not want infringe on your pace, so the less they have to move or clean around the better the end result.  Saving worker’s time on non-cleaning related activities equals more cleaning for your dollar.

You and your clients deserve a clean work environment.  Start using these tips today for a healthier and cleaner office.

It’s more important…

Keeping your office
clean is not just something you should do but something that you as an employer
are required to do by law.

Under Section 2 of the
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to ensure, so far as reasonably practicable,
the health, safety and welfare of employees at work.

This includes guaranteeing employees are working in the correct temperatures,
have enough lighting and ventilation and they are working in a clean and neat
In order to meet these requirements you should introduce cleaning practices to
ensure that the building and all equipment within it are kept clean and
correctly maintained and that all floors and traffic routes are kept clear of

Cleaning Hazards, Risks and Solutions

If you have your own cleaning personnel you are responsible for managing work hazards and training employees in the safety problems they may face in their cleaning work.

Health and safety issuing including workplace hazards are the cause of numerous accidents and injuries in the workplace.

Here are some common hazards cleaners may encounter, the risks involved and possible solutions to avoid injury.

Vulnerability: Damaged electrical cords on vacuum cleaners, floor polishers and other cleaning machinery.

Result: Electric shocks, burns; possibly death.

Solution: Employ a qualified, licensed electrical contractor to fix damaged or faulty cords.

Inspect and maintain equipment regularly.

Vulnerability:  Walking on slippery floors after mopping.

Result: Slips, trips and falls.

Solution: Use auto-scrubbers.

Use barricades to separate people from wet areas.

Use portable signs to warn people.

Vulnerability:  Lifting heavy cartons/equipment.

Result: Permanent damage to the back, muscles and ligaments.

Solution: Use a trolley to move heavy items.

Ask other cleaning team members to help you lift heavy items.

Get training in safe work practices and lifting techniques.

Vulnerability:  Sharp objects, particularly needles hidden in bins.

Result: Cuts and serious infections such as Hepatitis B, C and HIV.

Solution: Use garbage bags made of tough canvas instead of plastic.

Carry all plastic garbage bags in trolleys, not by hand.

Get training in the safe handling of sharps.

Vulnerability:  Using chemicals and hazardous substances.

Result: Skin irritation, chemical poisoning and/or burns, occupational asthma and diseases such as cancer.

Solution: Ensure all chemicals hazardous substances are correctly labeled.

Provide a material safety data sheet (MSDS) for every chemical and hazardous substance.

Ensure appropriate training is provided in the safe handling, use and disposal of chemicals and hazardous substances.

Use appropriate personal protective equipment at all times.

The Importance of Health and Safety Training for your Cleaners

Hiring a Janitorial Service or Doing it In House – Chicago North West Suburbs

As we know, it can be quite a difficult task maintaining a business office.  Cleaning the office can be a monotonous activity, especially if you have more important work that is being put off so you can take care of the necessary cleaning.  Today’s modern offices need sweeping, mopping, dusting, scrubbing every day, and this can be an overwhelming task if it is not clearly defined and addressed.

Employees will often resent being forced to clean the office when they have other important deadlines to meet. This lowers morale and causes unneeded problem.

Having employees double as your janitorial staff distracts from more important duties and you lost wages and productivity.

Quality should be another concern.  A janitorial service is faster and provides better results. | Barrington Business and Commercial Cleaning Company | Barrington Business and Commercial Cleaning Company