Barrington Post Construction Cleanup Checklist

Below is a sample checklist for Post Construction Cleaning:

Clean toilets, kitchen sinks and appliances.
Remove all temporary protection and labels.
Clean utility closets, storage areas, furnace closets, garages…
Remove spider webs.
Dust baseboards.
Dust doors, doorknobs, plug covers and switches.
Vacuum carpeted areas.
Dust and wet mop hard surface floors.
Wash windows and sliding glass doors.
Clean windows and sliding glass door frames, sills and tracks.
Clean inside cabinets.
Polish cabinets, vanities, stained woodwork and stainless steel sinks.
Clean and shine plumbing fixtures, mirrors, medicine cabinets and bath accessories.
Clean and shine appliances.
Remove all temporary labels, packing materials, and operating and maintenance manuals.
Dust walls.
Clean water heaters.